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Fix PUBG mobile lag in tencent gaming buddy emulator

Fix pubg mobile lag in tencent gaming buddy emulator

Nowadays PUBG mobile is one of the most popular game in Android and iOS phones. Tencent officially launched its gaming buddy emulator to play PUBG mobile on your desktop. This Tencent Gaming Buddy(TGB) emulator got lot of response from PC gamers but, users with low end desktop configuration facing problem while playing the PUBG in emulator. Here, i am going to give some tips for best settings for tencent gaming buddy emulator to play PUBG hassle free.

Engine Setting In Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator:


In an engine setting, first we have to select the rendering option for emulator. If you are using PC which don't have any third party graphics card (like NVIDIA, AMD), then choose between OpenGL and OpenGL+.  You can see the setting in below picture.

Fix pubg mobile lag in tencent gaming buddy emulator

Users having third party graphics card in their PC can choose between DirectX and DirectX+ depending on your hardware. Personally, i recommend users having graphics card to choose Smart Mode for smooth gameplay.

Fix pubg mobile lag in tencent gaming buddy emulator

Below the rendering option, you can see four options such as Render Cache, Enforce Global Render Cache, Prioritize Dedicated GPU and Rendering Optimization. If you have graphics card, you can enable all these four options. Disable Prioritize Dedicated GPU option if you don't have any graphics card installed.

In an Anti-aliasing setting, choose Close option from drop-down menu.

In Memory and Processor settings, choose the half value of RAM and Processor Cores your CPU have. Means, if you have 4GB of RAM and 4 Cores then select 2GB in memory option and 2 Cores in Processor option. Users having high end cpu like 4GB+ of RAM and 4+ Cores can choose Auto option from the drop-down menu.

In Resolution and DPI settings, choose resolution which is suitable for your display. In DPI, choose 240 DPI or below for low end devices.

Game Setting:

There is Game option below engine setting in which you have to choose gaming resolution and display quality. In gaming resolution setting, choose SD 720P for low end graphic cards. If you are having GTX 660 or higher graphics card, choose HD 1080P option. In case you are having GTX 1060 or higher range card, then choose HD 2K option.

In Display Quality option, i personally recommend you to choose Auto option.

Now lets set the in-game settings for the PUBG tencent gaming buddy emulator. In Graphics option, there are Graphics and Frame Rate settings. Choose Smooth option in graphics setting and Extreme option in frame rate setting. If you are facing problem of lagging after choosing Extreme in frame rate, choose Ultra or High option.

Fix pubg mobile lag in tencent gaming buddy emulator

Here i tried to give my best for this tutorial on fixing lag in PUBG mobile emulator. If you are facing any problem even after this tutorial, please mention it in the comment box. I will give my best to solve your problem.

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